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Aniba Solutions Pvt. Ltd.(ASPL) is an Indian Company established in 2010. ASPL operates in the field of electronic control system and provides solutions in the field of electronic control systems for engines & prime movers in power generation sector. With in-house research & development, co-operations with partners ASPL has the capability to provide complete solution and act as system integrator.

We are a young company & are presently focused on Power distribution technology & Gas Turbine Engine control system for marine use.

ASPL today provides its customers with a single point resource of all solutions related to engine control system & power distribution systems.

Test Bed Project


Aniba Solutions (P) Ltd considers it an honour work for a prestigious project that is being executed for testing Gas Turbine Engines by M/S Ultra Dimention (P) Ltd. We are providing them overall solution for hardware, simulators and automation for support systems for the test bed project. The POC (Proof of Concept), a brain child of young engineers from Aniba Solutions was made in house and was well appreciated by the user / client. Its an unique opportunity for us to prove our talent for innovation.

This test bed is one of the finest Data Accusation and Monitoring system and is designed for safe operation of engines, prompt corrective action using an Operator Warning system module. We consider it an honour to work on a prestige project using cutting edge technologies and using indigenous resources for our client.


Our application engineers have developed one of the finest application specific simulator for our clients .The simulator can use more than five hundred parameters as inputs and operate the engine in virtual mode to verify design specifications of the control system.

We have also provided our clients with complete system design consultancy, where we design their whole application. It's a computer based system and we can check various options for matching specifications of various make and model of sensors, hardware, etc. After finalising the tests by simulation, we go ahead with actual implementation to ensure complete satisfaction of our clients.

“We are one the finest ¬†customer centric company”¬†¬† -Bharathi V(MD)